About Me: My self Raghu Nayak. I am a Mangalorean. I have a MS degree in Computer Science from Manipal University.

For living I work in IT. Apart from browsing & programming, I love cycling. Recently got myself a Trek hybrid. Planning to do lots of rides and tours in it.

About this Blog: I started this blog sometime in 2006. The initial motivation was to share whatever I've learned during my engineering degree.

When I started with this site, I wasn't sure what exactly I am looking for. A forum, a wiki or a blog. It took quite sometime for me to figure out that all I wanted is a web log.

Even after that the journey wasn't smooth as expected. I was struggling to decide between self hosted blog vs Blogger. I experimented with both, spent lot of efforts & money. Nevertheless, At the end I wasn't happy with both the approaches. Finally I selected Blogger approach due to my lack of time for hosting maintenance.

And now I am really glad that I chose Blogger. Ever since I chose Blogger, Google has been adding new features every now and then. So far its been really great with Blogger for blogging.

This blog has come a long way till now. Its been now 5 years since I started with my own dot com. I Hope that this blog will be here for many more years to come and help its visitors in one way or the other.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned for more updates.

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