Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Fix lldb.exe missing python36.dll error

I generally use Ubuntu 16.04 as my development machine. Recently I tried to setup a Windows 10 development machine on  Virtual machine with Qt 5.15 and Qt Creator 4.12

In this machine, I was getting below error each time I tried to open Qt Creator from the start menu.

lldb.exe missing python36.dll error

Turns out the culprit is LLVM I had installed earlier.

Fix is simple. Download Python 3.6 Windows zip file from python website (I used python-3.6.8-embed-amd64). Extract the downloaded zip file, copy the python36.dll to LLVM bin directory (For me it was C:\Program Files\LLVM\bin as shown below). Press OK if you get any warning prompt.

Copy Python36.dll to LLVM bin dir

It feels strange that someone forgot to include a crucial DLL with their installer!

Happy coding..

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