Friday, May 20, 2016

Reviving your dead phone

Disclaimer: There is high possibility that below mentioned steps may not revive your phone. I am not responsible if below steps does not work for you.

One day, all of sudden my Samsung Galaxy Note (N-7000) was dead. I tried everything to switch it on but nothing worked. I tried removing & putting the battery back on. I tried new battery. I tried new charger. Nothing would switch-on the display of the phone.

I was about to take the phone to Samsung service center, assuming that phone charging circuit is blown out. Then suddenly I got a thought of removing micro-SD card of the phone & checking if it does any miracle. I remove the micro-SD card from phone, put the battery back-on & try switching it on.. voila, phone finally switched on!!

I quickly backed up all the data from phone, switched it off & put back the micro SD card. Even after inserting the micro-SD card, phone continued to work (I later quickly exchanged the phone in Flipkart Winking smile).

So if your phone to seems to be dead & then try to remove micro-SD card & switching it on again. It may be a worth a shot.

Lessons Learnt: Always back up your phone data. You can never trust any electronic devices  Smile

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