Monday, October 10, 2011

I am getting exploded with new blogging ideas!

As you might have seen from the my blog post history, I don’t blog very often. In-fact its been about 3 months since I even visited the Blogger website.

When I visited the Blogger website today, I was welcomed by a freshly looking Blogger. The Blogger’s new look is really nice & it brings fresh air into the Blogging world! I must admit that Google’s blogger team is working really hard. First they brought the new Blogger themes & now they’ve re-designed entire Blogger itself.

Though Blogger was late in introducing many new feature, nevertheless they are not too late! Now a days I see Blogger team introducing new feature every month or so. Its just cool!

Ever since I started using new Blogger website, I am feeling my self getting exploded with new blogging ideas. Though I am not sure how many of these ideas will actually make in to blog posts, I am in love with the new Blogger website & its features.

The Blogger’s new look is a very much welcome move in the Blogging world, where I always felt that Google Blogger is little stagnant with features.

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