Friday, April 01, 2011

Google & April fool

Well, Its April fool day and I was wondering what new technology Google will release today?

And Google has introduced GMail Motion, a new way of controlling GMail using your body!

Its pretty cool. ;)

The same technology is available for Google Doc motion. This one is much more funnier and intuitive than GMail motion!

I found following one as the most hilarious one!

I wish drawing flowchart was as easy as dancing..

It reminded me, my days of drawing big-big flowcharts in college.

Now try GMail Motion yourself and smile. :)

The other side of the story: Even though many of the GMail Motion gestures are funny, some of them are actually used in real life.

Some of these gestures are used in aircraft marshalling, which is a visual way of signalling between ground personnel and pilots.

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