Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Airtel - New super cool plans

I just saw new broadband tariff plans released by Airtel. They are super cool and looks much more better than previous outdated plans.

You can check the new plans at Airtel website.

I guess, competition from Reliance & Tata Indicom with their 3G Wireless broadband service made Airtel to release new tariff plans.

Whatever the reason, time for celebration for the end user!

I am planning to switch to Explore-1099 plan, where speed is 384kbps morning and 1Mbps night time. All unlimited. :P

Time to call Airtel customer care..


Just called Airtel customer care. Looks like, Airtel is outsourcing their customer support to some other country during the night time. The guy who picked my called definitely wasn't a Indian. Anyways, That guy told me that, Explore-1099 plan's 1Mbps unlimited speed is only on Sunday nights!
WTF? >:-] Airtel website doesn't say this anywhere..

So, I switched to another plan which was recommended by that guy. The name of the plan is Turbo-1299. In this plan, I get 512kbps speed during day time and 1Mbps speed during night time. All unlimited.

Tomorrow Airtel marketing people is going to call me to confirm this plan migration. Hopefully, this plan doesn't have any loopholes like speed cap etc.

You can check this Turbo-1299 plan here.

Update-2: 21-Jul-2009

Today Airtel marketing people called me to confirm the plan migration. I asked that guy about the Explore-1099 plan. That guy gave me following information.
  • Speed during day time is 384kbps.
  • Speed during night time is 1Mbps.
  • Night time is defined as 10PM to 6AM.
  • There is a speed cap of 100GB. Once you cross this limit your speed will reduce to half of the original.
  • On Sunday, you will get 1Mbps full day!!
YES, You have read it correctly! 1Mbps full day on Sundays. I have triple checked it. After listening to Explore-1099 plan details, I changed my mind and switched to this plan instead of Turbo-1299. After all, my date time broadband usage is limited to Weekends.

As per the conversation, Migration should be done by tomorrow. I hope that, this plan is not just another upto 1Mbps plan, where you will never get full speed. Hopefully, I will get full 1Mbps speed during night time. If not, I will switch back to my previous plan. Any ways, I can cross check and do all my experiments with broadband speed tomorrow. I will post my experience with this plan tomorrow (If it is necessary).

I guess its time for a quick analysis of different new broadband plans from Airtel. Expect a new post in this regard soon.. ;)

Happy browsing..[:}

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