Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zoundry Raven - Awesome blog editor

Finally I have found a awesome free desktop blog editor. And good thing about this free blog editor is that, its free as in Freedom. :)

Zoundry LLC. has released the beta version of their blog editor named Zoundry Raven. Actually I am posting this article directly from Raven. Even though Raven is a beta software, its fully functional and can be used for day to day blogging.

The best feature I liked in Raven, it works without any fuss. As soon as I installed Raven, I was able to import my profile from previous version Zoundry blog editor and Microsoft Live writer and this import actually worked!

The blog editor setup hardly took few seconds, and within one minute I was ready to blog with Raven being up and running. This time includes the time taken to download the English dictionary, my blog posts and blog templates.

Second feature which I liked in Raven is the live preview. This is same as in Scribefire or in Microsoft writer. Raven will download your blog template and can show your post preview as it would like in your blog.

Other features I liked in Raven:
  1. XHTML Everywhere!: wow! This is something, which I was missing in almost all the blog editors. I actually like to write the post in XHTML editor and Raven has a good XHTML editor which has features like auto complete, XHTML validation and auto conversion to valid XHTML.
  2. Fast and Lightweight: I felt that Raven is very fast and is NOT a memory hog.
  3. Dictionary support: Raven support many language dictionaries and You can install them from Raven itself. Raven will automatically download it.
  4. Media Storage support: Raven support different API for uploading images. They are flickr, imageshack(wow!), custom FTP site and Picasa web.
  5. Table support. Blog editors like Scribefire and all still does not have this support.
  6. Great tagging support - You can add tags to websites such as Technorati,, Zooomr and Flickr.

These are the features which I liked very much.

Don't remember Raven is still a beta software, it will only get better and better.

Things which I am missing from Raven:

Raven is available only for windows at this time. However, since Raven is entirely coded in python and the source code is released under GNU GPL v2, I guess soon somebody will port this to Linux and Mac.

Once some body does this, I can ditch that stupid blogspot editor.

I wish Zoundry Raven very best of luck. :)


  1. Google Code project
  2. Zoundry LLC website
  3. Zoundry Raven homepage

p.s.: I heartily thank you Zoundry LLC. for making this wonderful software source available under free source license.


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