Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New License

I have changed the license used for sample codes. Most of the new sample codes are now released under more permissive MIT license, rather than copyleft GNU license.

I hope this change would help many people.

- Raghu Nayak

I have again changed the code license. I have re-licensed all my programs/source code under GNU General Public License version 3 or above (at your option).

Reasons or motivations behind this change:
  1. Freedoms of the user:
    I actually spend a lot of effort while coding or programming, and I really want my effort to be useful to someone! At the same time, I really don't want someone to take my code and convert it into a proprietary trap, thereby killing all user freedoms. I really want to protect the basic rights or the freedoms of the user, and this can be ensured only with GNU GPL.
  2. The recent acquisition of SUN Microsystem by Oracle had a strong influence on my decision. I really Thank GOD that, MySQL code is available under GNU GPL. So, even if Oracle kills it, somebody will fork it.
  3. This article, which I saw in GNU website.
So, I am sorry to all those who wanted to integrate use my code with their proprietary code. I am sorry, but this action was necessary to protect the basic freedom, on which I have strong belief.

- Raghu Nayak

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