Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogger finally gets a new revamped post page

After a very long time, Google has made changes to the blogspot posting page.

The new posting page looks clean and neat. It also has a option to set your location. (Geo tagging everywhere!)

Now its possible to re-size the post edit box. (This is the features I was waiting since ages!)

Also, post previews are shown in separate pop up window. Also, you set how you want the typed HTML code to be interpreted.

Here are the some other new features I have noticed.
  1. In Edit HTML page, blogger warns you about wrongly placed XHTML tags.
  2. The Image uploader also revamped. Now its a simple UI with no options to specify the image size.

    Once the uploaded image is shown on your blog post, blogger shows the popup link to re-size your image.

    However there is no way to change the image alignment. (ie; like the one is used in this post. If you need this kind of image alignment, you need to specify it manually.)
Overall, nice set of useful features.

Next change? Google, please introduce some cool blogspot themes! Current themes are ages old! :'(

You can check new blogspot post page by visiting

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