Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tata Indicom follows Airtel's dirty path..

Well, there is nothing surprising, in this news..

Private companies always keep a eye on their competitors and they change their policies quickly when it comes to their profit.

But, I must say that, I am very lucky that Tata Indicom quickly decided on their Fair Usage policy introduction.


Just few days ago I saw a Tata Indicom's advertisement for Photon wireless broadband. Which promised unlimited browsing for Rs.1500/- (upto 3.5 mbps download stream) and I was kind of thinking to migrate my broadband connection from Airtel to Tata Indicom.

Yeah, I was aware about pathetic customer care unit of Tata Indicom, but, 3.5 mbps download speed is kind of tempting.. :D

Luckily before I migrated to Tata Indicom, Tata Indicom launched fair use policy, making me to change my decission. (Thus, saving me from another loss.)

That way, a big thanks to Tata Indicom for launching Fair Use policy on time. :)

I guess, soon or later every major broadband player will introduce this fair use policy, so there is no point in hurrying and shifting our ISP.

I guess wait and watch is the only way to go..

Tata Indicom website, still has no information about the Fair Usage policy. Also, no information available about this, in their official weblog and user forum.


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