Sunday, March 15, 2009

Linux - 15th birthday ?

I just saw an article in Gizmodo about Linux kernel's 15th birthday. I was just digging on this, I found the initial Linux v0.01 release announcement page at kernel trap.

Also, the archive of the original Linux announcement on comp.os.minix archive.

From these I found that the very first Linux announcement was made on comp.os.minix at 20:57:08 GMT of 25 Aug 1991.

The first version of Linux (v0.01) was released on September, 1991. Which makes Linux kernel 18 years old, not just 15 years old as given in Gizmodo.

Indeed, the first stable kernel (v1.0) was released on March 13, 1994.

However, while counting age, we have to count the very first release, not just the stable release!

What you say ?


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