Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yahoo Music makes its customers to use Badware!

Yahoo Music

Yesterday Yahoo announced that, it has decided to kill its music
subscription service named Yahoo Music Unlimited and send its subscribers to RealNetworks Rhapsody subscription service. This move seems to be the part of Yahoos ongoing strategic reconstruction of the company.

Well, but to listen to music using Rhapsody, you need to have RealNetworks RealPlayer installed in your machine. You many want to remember that, Just days ago the RealPlayer was labeled as Badware by website.

Its really sad to see that, Yahoo Music customers are left with no choice other than to use this badware (If you want to use a standalone player). There is also a browser only version Rhapsody service available, which seems to be the only way to avoid this badware! :-(

Yahoo Music customers are most likely to move away from Rhapsody service because the costly subscription charges. In-fact they are more than double, compared to the Yahoos subscription charges! ($14.99 vs $5.99)


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