Sunday, November 04, 2007

Linux PC for masses, $198 gPC

Everex, a personal computer vendor has recently unveiled a new model of personal computer running Ubuntu based OS along with open source productivity tools & Google centric web 2.0 applications.

Everex gPC

This PC named gPC would costs you just $198. which is by far much cheaper than Windows Vista licensing cost itself.

The price of this desktop in Indian Rs is 198*40 = Rs 7920. wow, I have paid twice of this amount just for my motherboard alone. (ASUS P5W DH Deluxe)

What makes this PC look so good is its damn good specification for a solid price.


Hardware Specifications of gPC are
  1. 1.5GHz, VIA C7®-D Processor
  2. 512MB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM
  3. 80GB Hard Disk Drive
  4. DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo Optical Drive
  5. VIA UniChrome Pro IGP Graphics with 64MB Shared memory
  6. Realtek 6-Channel Audio
  7. 10/100 Ethernet Port
  8. DB 15-Pin VGA Port
  9. Six USB 2.0 Ports
  10. RJ-11 Port
  11. Headphone/Line-Out Port
  12. Two Microphone/Line-In Ports
  13. Serial Port
  14. Parallel Port
  15. Keyboard
  16. Mouse
  17. Amplified Stereo Speakers
Well, as you can see, for normal home user above specifications are pretty damn good.

Software/Operating System:

This machine comes with its own custom OS named gOS (Green OS for Green PC) which is based on Ubuntu - 7.10. gOS come pre installed with many free/open source applications and productivity tools. The gOS uses Linux Enlightenment E17 desktop interface with a Google-centric theme.gOS of gPC

The “Favorite Applications” that appear in the task bar at the bottom of the screen are:
  1. Firefox with Google toolbar.
  2. Google Mail
  3. Google News
  4. Google Calendar
  5. Google Maps
  6. Google Docs and Spreadsheets
  7. Google Product Search
  8. Blogger
  9. YouTube
  10. Facebook
  11. Faqly
  12. Meebo
  13. Rythmbox
  14. Skype
  15. Wikipedia
  16. Xine
gOD comes with gimp for image editing tasks and for office productivity.

Since gOS is based on Ubuntu-7.10, it should be possible for you to install Ubuntu desktop packages just by adding ubuntu repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list file.

'Everex gOS' von raghunayak

Where to purchase ?

gPC can be purchased from selected stores of Wallmart or from Wallmart on-line store.


This machine comes with 1 year of free 24×7 technical support. That’s more than some companies offer on computers that cost hundreds of dollars more.

If you need another reason to buy, this system comes with lifetime of free upgrades for gOS. ie; You need to pay for upgrades unlike Windows, they are for FREE.

Final thoughts:

If you remember properly, few months back(July 18th 2007), Everex had launched its first 'Back to School' PC with 2.02 into WalMart stores and that was a huge hit. Success of 'Back to School' PC has made Everex to introduce gPC. Everex is hoping same kind of response for their gPC. If Everex succeeds with their new gPC, many PC vendor may start selling low cost Linux PCs. Microsoft surely will be in serious trouble if this happens. well, Only time will tell us the final results.

I would recommend this machine to all, those who need a basic machine for browsing/mail check/office work. or for students who just need a basic machine to help them out in their studies. If you think that you come under this category, then this machine is Highly Recommenced for you.

I would like to see companies like Everex in India. Personal computer for just Rs 7920 is good if not great, that too with 24*7 support for 1 year. I think low cost branded machines like this has good scope in India. In India branded systems are costly, thanks to Windows licensing fee. Assembled PCs are more popular in India, just due to their cost factor. Assembled systems does not come with pre installed Windows, hence they are damn cheap compared to branded systems with Windows.

If Everex sells this machine in India, even for Rs 10,000 ($250) along with 1 Year support, I am sure that this machine will sell like a hot cake.

I wish all the best for Everex for their new gPC.


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