Friday, November 09, 2007

gOS available for download now

Thanks to kind people at Everex, They have released the iso image of greenOS aka gOS.

gOS logo

Everex recommends this iso only for developers, so that they can improve gOS and the application support.

However it should be possible for anyone to download this iso image and try to install on their home PC. Its a live cd, so you can try entire OS without installing anything into your hard disk.

This is exactly same OS which comes preloaded with gPC. However this live CD lacks out of box DVD and restricted format playback features due to patent concerns.

However the gOS bundled with gPC can play DVD/restricted formats such as Mp3 out of box.

Currently I am downloading this live CD, I will publish a photo review soon...


This iso is currently available as a torrent file only. You can download this torrent file using any torrent client such as Azureus or Deluge.

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