Friday, April 20, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 - Feisty Fawn is OUT!

Yeah.. For me this is my most awaited Ubuntu release since Ubuntu Dapper Drake LTS. I have been trying to install Feisty Fawn since Herd 3 till Beta but sadly none of them worked properly on my new Core 2 Duo machine, thanks to JMicron PATA controller. :'(

Strange enough that I was able to install Ubuntu - Dapper Drake LTS on the same machine without any fuss and everything worked out of box.

Actually Ubuntu is the reason behind my system upgrade. In my old system I wasn't able to run Compiz properly because of integrated graphics card. The new system has got a AMD 2600XT graphics card from Sapphire. I can’t wait to see Compiz in full action with this new card!

Right now I am downloading the Ubuntu Feisty Fawn ISO image and hoping that at-least release version would run fine on my system.

Let me have my finger crossed & hope for the best. :)

Update: Looks like now we can order FREE CD of Feisty Fawn. Order them if you can not afford to download the iso image.


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