Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yahoo is dying a slow death?

Today early morning I received an email from Yahoo! saying that Delicious has a new owner now.

Well I wasn’t actually surprised to see this. In fact I was expecting this to happen someday or the other.

Since last couple of years I have been seeing Yahoo! closing doors of many of its services. Sad enough, it included some of my favorite services such as Yahoo! Briefcase, Geocities, Photos.

I was very sad when I knew that Geocities is closing. After all my first website was hosted by Geocities.

Its funny to see Yahoo! acquiring different services only to either close them or sell them later on. Example includes RocketMail, MyBlogLog and now

Each time when Yahoo! closes its service, it would announce that it is doing so to continue its focus on core business. Well, What is that core business of yahoo!?

Search Engine? No, Last year Yahoo announced that Microsoft Bing would powering the Yahoo! search.

If not search then what else? What else if left?

I feel that currently Yahoo! wants to focus on its only money making business - Advertisement. If Yahoo! continues to be like this, may be someday Yahoo! will be just another internet ad company around the corner.

If I see back all I see is the opportunities lost by Yahoo! For example: Geocities could have been the first weblog publishing service and Briefcase could have been first cloud based storage! But nevertheless Yahoo! never fully utilized its user base and infrastructure. Lately Yahoo! never tried inventing anything new, rather all it did is to either copy or acquire a start-up. That is why Yahoo! sucks today!

I think Yahoo! is dying a slow death, what do you think?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YouTube - Secret snake game

I just came to know that YouTube video player has got a secret snake game embedded within. I found this through a comment posted in YouTube.

Follow the following steps to play this game:
  1. Pause the YouTube video.
  2. Press the left arrow.
  3. Press the up arrow while keeping left arrow pressed.
  4. You will see the snake game, control the snake using the arrow keys.
Apparently this works with all YouTube videos. You can try this with following video song by Death Cab for Cutie. Its my current favorite video song.

Enjoy! :)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pocodot - Irony?

Pocodot - A site which uses bots to spam & put ads on other websites is using CAPTCHA to prevent bots from entering its site!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Friendly visit to Pocodot

After seeing enough spam from on all my favorite YouTube videos, I thought of giving this website a friendly visit.

If you don’t know what is Pocodot then just visit any popular YouTube videos and you’ll see that Pocodot bots have spammed all over them. The Pocodot bots use fake YouTube user accounts to comment about Pocodot on popular video songs. Within few seconds these comments are given up vote by fellow bots, thereby making these spam comments to appear as Top Comments.

Here is a screenshot of Pocodot if you are curious to see how it looks.

The site itself is slow, poorly designed, looks like cheap ripoff of twitter & facebook. I don't see any compelling reason for anyone to register an account with Pocodot!

If you are curious to know if all those celebrities Pocodot account really exists? Yes, they do! But these are all fake accounts & you will get couple of them whenever you search for any celebrity in Pocodot.

OK, spamming may give you a head start! You may get few hundreds of new visitors, but its of no use if none of them comes back. I guess this is what the case with Pocodot. Just wait for few more months and Pocodot shall die its natural death.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Google & April fool

Well, Its April fool day and I was wondering what new technology Google will release today?

And Google has introduced GMail Motion, a new way of controlling GMail using your body!

Its pretty cool. ;)

The same technology is available for Google Doc motion. This one is much more funnier and intuitive than GMail motion!

I found following one as the most hilarious one!

I wish drawing flowchart was as easy as dancing..

It reminded me, my days of drawing big-big flowcharts in college.

Now try GMail Motion yourself and smile. :)

The other side of the story: Even though many of the GMail Motion gestures are funny, some of them are actually used in real life.

Some of these gestures are used in aircraft marshalling, which is a visual way of signalling between ground personnel and pilots.

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